December 30, 2011

Doing Things My Way

Expanding into the non-fiction biographical genre, Phoenix Tree Publishing is proud to present the story of Melissa and her battle with a brain aneurysm. Doing Things My Way is a great page turner if you know of someone who has battled with a health issue, and stayed true to themselves.

Melissa De La Rosa tells her story of the events that transpired when she was struck with an aneurysm. Her storytelling is very compelling and her storytelling puts you right in the middle of everything going on.
I was diagnosed with a 9mm busted aneurysm located in the ophthalmic carotid artery right behind my left eye. I remember the surgical staff prepping me for it in my room. I remember the anesthesiologist explaining to me how the anesthesia worked at which point I told him not to over do it, because if "I die from too much of your goods, my mother will make sure you'll have hell to pay".
The book is currently only available as a paperback through CreateSpace and Amazon for just $7.00.Publish Post

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