June 24, 2012

Step Away From the Bus! Initial Sketch for Front Cover of Oblivion Calls: Welcome to the Apocalypse

Click image for enlarged view.


Updating the Apocalypse:

Prep work for our new book/new series is almost done! The first book is entitled, Oblivion Calls: Welcome to the Apocalypse.

Cullen Nolan has formatted the novel for E Readers and working on the paperback format. Adam Glazer is very close to finishing the cover and Russ McIntosh is eager to put it all together.

Here's the book description:

Welcome to the not too distant future. It’s brimming with potential but mired in crises. The wars of men threaten peace. The Ring of Fire is rumbling and dormant volcanoes are spewing molten earth. An ancient plague is reborn and spreading its horrid contagion. There are a special few blessed and burdened with ultimate potential. What’s the world coming to?
Oblivion Calls.
Isaiah’s been in Afghanistan far too long. He wants to go home, but there’s one last mission.
Ali’s been lost for too long. He wants a holy mission, but there’s more he must endure.
Phillipe answered his calling. He wants to save them all, but knows he can’t.
Suzie’s searching for the story everyone wants to see. She may have found it in China.
Ma Feng survived the earthquake, but that’s the least of her worries.
Pixie’s on the Infamous List. She wants to stay there, but can’t stop peeing herself.
Gabby’s touring the USA with Retro Rockets. They want to be the next big thing on their own terms.
Evan’s convinced something dreadful is on the way and having one of those ‘I hate it when I’m right’ moments.
CB’s trying to stay busy. He’s fixing up Evan’s house, but keeps getting strange letters.
From Afghanistan to LA, from China to Virginia, things are going very wrong. Earthquakes aren’t supposed to be this frequent. One girl shouldn’t be so feverish all the time. The sick aren’t supposed to riot. The dead are supposed to die. There are those that say, “the End is Nigh!”
Welcome to the Apocalypse!